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LOG - 43

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March 25 - Kihnoua at the Windup Space, Baltimore. Kihnoua is a Bay-area quartet led by Larry Ochs (sax) with Dohee Lee (vocals and frame drum) and Scott Amendola (drums and electronics)... Trevor Dunn (electric bass).
(pics to come)

May 19 - Red Flower (from Taiwan) at the Fiesta Asia street fair in DC....
Hsu-Nami, Red Flower, and The Chairman at the Sutra Lounge in DC (pics to come)

June 07 - Jenn Bostic & Connie Lim at FireFlies, Alexandria, VA...
(pics to come)

June 20 - tour guide explained the early history of techno music in Russia, and the seminal role of The Tunnel in St. Petersburg.

June 21 - during tour of Vienna, we visit the birthplace of Schubert and pass the house where Beethoven wrote his 3rd symphony ("Eroica").

July 08 - Mayu Saeki Trio, Baltimore...
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July 17 - Cryptic Matter (band), Brass Monkey, Baltimore... First time gig for band, which includes Steve Hung on lead guitar.

(more to come)

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