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Preview Pics - #12

(Find captions below pics.)

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from top to bottom:
  • Composer Tan Dun conducting the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra in his piece for cello, Orchestra, and video - The map... Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C., October '05
  • set list for the Japanese band, Limited Express (has gone?)... Talking Head club, Baltimore, MD, Oct. '05
  • Orchid Ensemble (from Vancouver), Freer Gallery of Asian Art (Smithsonian); Washington, D.C.; November '05
  • Ed Chang, half of the NY-based duo, Agents at Midnight... Red Room, Baltimore, MD, November '05
  • The Spunks (from NY), Sidebar, Baltimore, MD, November '05... beer-guzzling punkster on right is Pat Kim (leader of the Beatnik Termites and co-owner of Insubordination Records label)

Thanks to Walter Lee for scanning help.


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