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Picture Gallery IV

(best viewed in a dark room)

[If you're unable to darken the room, then cup your hands around each picture.]

Home Grown
(from Orange, CA)

left to right:

John Trash - guitar, vocals
Bob Herco - drums (barely visible in back)
Adam Lohrbach - bass, vocals
Ian Cone* - guitar, vocals

August '98, 8 x 10 club, Baltimore

*Left the group, months later, and was replaced by Justin Poyser.

Johnny Trash

guitarist Johnee Trash (née Tran)
clowning for the camera
and flashing his O.C. gang signs
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Bob Herco

drummer Bob Herco signing posters

NOTE: In January, 1999, he was operated on for a brain tumor, and is now undergoing chemotherapy. While he's recuperating, Damon from the band River Fenix is subbing for him.

Buffalo Daughter

Buffalo Daughter
(from Tokyo)

Fletcher's club
September, 1998

Yumiko Ohno (left), unidentified drummer (center), Sugar Yoshinaga (right)

BD - synths

Yumiko and Sugar operating their synthesizers.

(Sugar is twirling knobs on a Roland TB303.)


Sugar playing guitar

(Notice the row of effects devices at her feet.)

Thanks to Wendy Lim for scanning help

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