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Picture Gallery

(best viewed in a dark room)

[If you're unable to darken the room, then cup your hands around each picture.]

Bass Clarinet

Paul Yamasaki (left)

one of the founders of the S.F. Asian American Jazz Festival
San Francisco, California
Winter, 1979

(He's also a buyer for City Lights bookstore, famous for fostering the Beat Movement (as in "beatniks"). City Lights celebrated 50 years in 2003.)

playwrites performing

Phillip Gotanda (left) and David Henry Hwang (right)

displaying their musical side
New York City
May, '81
(and check out their conversation in the Winter 1998 issue of BOMB magazine)

Laotian instruments

Lao New Year
Fairfax county, Virginia
April, '86

Bobby Enriquez

Bobby Enriquez
Alexandria, Virginia

A jazz pianist who played with Dizzy Gillespie and Richie Cole, he was also Don Ho's music director for a number of years... born in 1943, Bacolod City (Negros Occidental, Philippines) and died in 1996, Oregon.

Thanks to Wendy Lim for scanning help


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