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Picture Gallery III

(best viewed in a dark room)

[If you're unable to darken the room, then cup your hands around each picture.]


Wang, Guowei
with the Music from China ensemble

demonstrates a hu-chin or kaohu

February 98
Peabody Music Institute




Kenny Endo
contemporary taiko master (based in Hawaii)
standing in front of an odaiko


Spring, '98
Towson U
Towson, MD



Jay Kishor (right) on sitar
and student (left) on tambura

[Kishor went to India to study the sitar and surbahar.]

Summer '98
Borders Bks.
Columbia, MD

Jay Kishor
tuning his sitar


Cornershop band (from UK)

Spring '98
Bohagers club

notice the tambura resting in the lower left of the picture above


Tjinder Singh,
singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist,
needs to look at the audience, more.


Gongs from Maranao (?), southern Philippines
(The ones hanging above are many times larger than the ones to the left, resting in the frame.)

Summer, '98
Folk Life Festival
Washington, D.C.
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Hmong instruments made by Dang Vang of Milwaukee.

Large, L-shaped pan-pipe is the qeej. To its left is the erhu-like nkauj nrog ncas.


Summer, '98
Folk Life Festival
Washington, D.C.


Broto Roy

arranging his tabla


Summer '98
Jazz festival
Washington, D.C.


Thanks to Wendy Lim for scanning help

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