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Go east, young band

Hiroshima's first East Coast gig
Washington, D.C.

poster, Spring 1980

Dan KuramotoVocals? Bandleader Dan Kuramoto was more often seen playing the flute or sax

The band had arrived from Cleveland on their first tour eastward from L.A.

the full treatmentThey weren't sure how well they would be received in DC, but the audience ate 'em up.

At one point, Kuramoto tried establish to his street cred, mentioning he'd come from the streets of Boyle Heights. (It's on the eastside of L.A. and from the 20's through the 50's, was a gateway to large numbers of Jews, Mexicans, and Japanese Americans.) That comment elicited no response from the audience, who probably had no idea where Boyle Heights was.

Terri KLead singer, Terri K tries to belt one out of the park. She's was having problems, that evening, singing loud enough to be heard over the band.

get set!Johnny Mori starts to align himself with the taiko

drum roll, please!Johnny takes aim


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