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Capricious Captions

The following photos tell some interesting stories

(with the help of a little imagination...)

Filmmakers on the Make!

Mackin' Movie Mogul


A certain graduate student in English literature discussing an esoteric point about British imperialistic authors. Eric Nakamura, co-filmmaker of Sunsets and publisher of Giant Robot magazine:

"Listen, for the next issue of the magazine, I was planning to do an article on the effect that Hong Kong action films have had on American pro wrestling, and I was thinking that it might need some pictorial pizzazz... Have you ever done any modeling?
   Huh?... Of course it would be tasteful! What do you think I am, a sleazeball?!"

Michael Idemoto, actor and co-filmmaker of Sunsets:

(Damn! Why does he always get all the babes?!)


DJ Battles the Generation Gap

Roli Rho and and his conscience

"Rolando, do you hear me?! You better stop this nonsense! If I told you once, I've told you a thousand times!
Stop fooling around with record players and gangster rap! Go back to school! Study computers. Get your degree, a good job, and settle down!"

"Aw, Ma! Not here..."

Colorful conversation under their breaths

Kim Jong Il double relaxes with mystery parrot

Kim Jong-Il wannabe: C'mon, smile for the camera! And don't you dare crap on me like you did the last time, you bird-brained brat!

Parrot: "Bird-brained"?!! Look who's calling who bird-brained! I wouldn't even dignify your intelligence by using that term!

Comment: Despite what the parrot thinks, Kim Jong-Il impersonation can be a lucrative way of supplementing one's income and gaining celebrity status.

Who's got the funk?

Hallo! Ich bin Ihr Funker, baby!

Note: photo is in the collection of a German museum

caption: Der Funker Harold Bride in der Marconi-Funkstation an Bord der "Titanic" (1912)

Comment: Brits getting their funk on, way before Parliament, Ohio Players, or James Brown. Unfortunately, collision avoidance technology had not yet been perfected when the Titanic encountered the iceberg and took it's funk down with it.

Thanks to Wendy Lim and Walter Lee for scanning help


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