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Picture Gallery #6

(best viewed in a dark room)

[If you're unable to brighten the screen and darken the room, then cup your hands around each picture.]

Jpnz drums

Taiko (and other Japanese percussion) used by the
Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble

(Note the fan drums, uchiwa daiko.)

Kennedy Center festival
Sept, 1998

percussion duo

Masato Baba (left) and Kenny Endo (right)


Masakazu Yoshizawa
demonstrating a shakuhachi


Shoko Hikage

tuning her 17-string koto
(normally, they have 13 strings),
while a stagehand is adjusting the
position of a microphone for amplification.
(Note: he's placing it just under the sound hole.)

(Not shown is the 4th ensemble member, Joy Moriwake.)

Thanks to Wendy Lim for scanning help

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