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Print of Note #10

Subject Citation Contents
state of music industry "Sir Elton John and the Night of the Roundtable: conversation with Windy Chien, Alison Faith Levy, Katy St. Clair, and Oliver Wang." Issue #14, 2001, Bitch; feminist reponse to pop culture
Q-Bert, Pandit Pran Nath "Driller Killer" by Peter Shapiro (pp.26-9) and "Infinity's pathfinder" by Marcus Boon (pp.38-43), The Wire; adventures in modern music, September, 2001
John Coltrane "Pundit Coltrane shows the way." by Madhav Chari, Journal of Asian American studies, October 2001, pp. 265-283.
Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble "For students, cellist is 'Just Soooo Cool'." by Avis Thomas-Lester, Washington Post, 18 October 2001, p.B-3.
Moser Baer "Delhi's Disc Dreams." by Joanna Slater, Far Easter Economic Review, 1 November 2001, pp. 42-4.
Lao hip hop "Hip hop disconnect; Hip-hop may be the universal language, but its artists need to find something to say." by Darren Keast, East Bay Express, 21 November 2001 Starts off with a travelogue about visiting Luang Prabang in Laos, and the author becoming astonished to hear hip hop with a Lao mc. Also mentions commentary by Oliver Wang and Jeff Chang.
MC Kiwi "Fruits of hard labor." by Thomas Connors, SF Weekly, 21 November 2001.
George Harrison, Ravi Shankar "Remembering George Harrison." by Ravi Shankar, New York Times, 9 December 2001

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