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Picture Gallery 5

(best viewed in a dark room)

[If you're unable to darken the room, then cup your hands around each picture.]

Fontaine's birthday


October, 1998

Charm City Mystery: The Case of the Missing "E"

Before the show, the show producer had gotten a birthday cake for Fontaine. (Yes, that day was, indeed, her birthday.)
Curiously, enough, the cake was missing the letter "e". Beforehand, someone had cut off the corner containing the letter.

Fontaine & Richard

Fontaine Toups (bass) and Richard Baluyut (guitar) harmonizing


from left to right:
Richard (guitar)
James Baluyut (drums)
Patrick Ramos (guitar)


(When James and Pat joined the band, their roles were reversed from that shown here.)

Thanks to Wendy Lim for scanning help

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