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Picture Gallery - #9

Jason Kao Hwang

Far East Side Band    

Meyer Auditorium,
Freer Gallery,
January 99

Jason Kao Hwang
violinist and leader

drum set

This drum set
(Middle Eastern?) frame drum, Japanese fan drums, and other percussion instruments

(Note that the instruments are all mounted at floor level. He sat on the floor to play them.)


Satoshi Takeishi

That night was only his second performance with the group. They'd played the night before at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina


This ajaeng seems to be built for speed
(Check out the spoiler.)


The instrument has 7 - 9 strings
and is bowed by a stick
that is probably rubbed with rosin.

Sang Won Park

Sang-Wong Park
kayagum, ajaeng, voice

(Not pictured is the fourth band member, Joe Daley (tuba, electronics))

Thanks to Wendy Lim for scanning help

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