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Preview Pics - #11

(Find captions below pics.)

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from top to bottom:
  • Giant Robot - New York, E. Village, Oct 05
  • Eric Nakamura, Giant Robot publisher and co-editor
  • Clare Cooper (harp & zheng) applying rosin to bow... Hi Zero festival; Theater Project, Baltimore, MD; September 05
  • Hi Zero -- from Left to Right: Peter Jacquemyn (Brakel, Belgium), Clare Cooper (Newtown, Australia), Carly Ptak (Baltimore), and Michael Muniak (B'mr.)
  • Jin the Emcee; E. Street Cinema (APA Film Festival), Wash.,D.C.; Oct 05
  • Jin; Club Daedalus, Wash.,D.C.; Oct 05
  • Polysics (from Japan), at Talking Head club, Baltimore, MD; Oct. 05 [doing a soundcheck]

Thanks to Walter Lee for scanning help.


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