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More Luscious Links

Here are some links that consider the representation of musicians of Asian heritage and interpretation of music with Asian influences:

John Hutnyk's page Website of anthropologist John Hutnyk (co-editor of Dis-Orienting Rhythms: the Politics of the New Asian Dance Music). Includes a link to a journal called postcoLoniaL studies, for which he coedited a particular issue that focused on music and politics... The links page is quite wide-ranging.
Asian Pacific Americans in Film & Music [DEFUNCT] Jeff Lee's critical look at APA involvement in the entertainment industries (mainly tv, film, and music). Includes much useful historical information and many links to essays and articles. (Caution: While musicians names are spelled correctly, many of their descriptions contain errors.)
Asian American Movement This site is not so much devoted to music, but rather a view of Asian American phenomena from a leftist or politically progressive viewpoint. They do seek material that might illuminate the nature of Asian American culture, in as much as it might touch on the Asian American condition -- hence their replication of my interview with Akira Tana.
Radio Canada International For Chinese New Year 2004 (or Year of the Monkey, 4701) the program, "Business Sense", ran a piece on the impact of the Chinese community on the Canadian economy. To find it, go to the RCI homepage, click on Business Sense. Past shows can be found by clicking on "Archives".
Far Eastern Audio Review Mack Hagood, a musician in Chicago, has started this nifty site reviewing releases from Asia (for the most part). Although at times opinionated, he writes with a knowledgeable ear (due to years spent living and traveling in east Asia.)
Music in North Korea Andy Kershaw, host of "World & New", a world music program on BBC 3, has posted soundfiles and a slide show of a trip exploring music in North Korea. The soundfiles are of 2 shows aired in December 2003. (Well, it looks like the site has moved. If you click thru to the archives for his show, you will find that these files and images have been deleted. But if you root around his site or other world music shows, you might find other coverage of Asia.)
Gwendoline Yeo playing zither video of actress and musician, Gwendoline Yeo, talking about the Chinese zither, the zheng, and a recording session in a (Venice Beach, California) studio
Middle-aged Japanese strut their stuff video for some Japanese tv show approaching the man-in-the-street (as well as woman-in-the-street) for some demonstration of kinetic ability to perform pop nostalgia.
In Japan the pop culture kinetic touchstones (icons?) for middle-aged men and women seem to be Bruce Lee and Pink Lady, respectively.


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