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LOG - 29

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25 Sep 07 - Aki Onda, Kanta Horio, Fuyuki Yamakawa, and Atsuhiro Ito, Floristree, Baltimore

16 October 2007 - A Moving Sound, Providence University, Taichung, Taiwan

2 November (Baltimore) - Thirteenth Assembly (Taylor Ho Bynum -trumpet/flugelhorn; Jessica Pavone -viola,singing; Tomas Fujiwara -drums; Mary Halverson -guitar/singing) :: different combinations of the musicians performed... unconventional stuff (especially the Pavone-Halverson duo), sometimes a bit rough around the edges... but on the whole, worth listening to... Taylor is quite the virtuoso...

4 Nov. - Music from China, Freer Gallery, Meyer auditorium, Washington, DC :: I assume this was a reprise of the concert they gave a week before in New York (their annual show featuring new pieces)... The ones I liked the best were a suite by Chen Yi written for them in 2002.
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10 Nov - Dakshina Ensemble, Freer Gallery, Meyer auditorium, DC :: great mix of jazz and carnatic (South Indian) music... talked with Rez Abbasi afterwards...

24 Nov - Shonen Knife ( with Verona Grove and The Juliet Dagger), Black Cat, DC

29 Nov - "Music of Ge Gan-ru" played by Modernworks string quartet and Margaret Leng Tan, Freer, Meyer aud., DC

17 Dec - this past weekend I received the latest ish of Giant Robot in the mail... turned out to be dedicated to the memory of Lance Hahn. He passed away 2 months ago. I know I've got several pics of him taken at a gig in '03. I need to find 'em up and post them. I've only posted this one shot focused on his guitar playing...

05 Jan 08 - Prabir & the Substitutes, Talking Head, Baltimore - band from Richmond, Virginia... they're a quintet, but the drummer and keyboardist are not visible in these pictures... Beatle-esque in sound, with some promising harmonizing (although not quite on pitch and weak at times)... their songs were short and often fragments...

19 Jan - Satabdi Express at the Talking Head, Baltimore...

26 Jan 08 - Audrey Chen & Susan Alcorn and Tetuzi Akiyama & Jozef van Wissem @ Red Room, Baltimore...

2 Feb - Charity Chan & Philip White @ Red Room, Baltimore

19 Feb - heard DJ Rekha on the radio, this past Saturday. She was on "Weekend Edition Saturday", the NPR Sat. morning news show. She sounded good. Her voice has a nice, low resonance and her remarks were pretty succinct and insightful. Here's the link to the NPR webpage about her.
And here's a snapshot of her from last year at a NYU A/P/A Institute reception.

28 Feb - Last weekend, Studio360, a public radio show distributed by PRI, had a profile of Thao Nguyen, a singer-songwriter from Arlington, Virginia. Among other things, it focuses on her relationship with her mom and growing up in her mom's laundromat. You can hear the piece by clicking on the player, below.

A couple days ago, Fresh Air, the NPR culture and public affairs show, ran an interview with the Holtzman brothers, founders of the band, Dengue Fever.
You can hear the interview, here.


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