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Preview Pics - #7

Here're some of the latest pictures. Guess who they are!

(Find answers below pics.)

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from top to bottom:
  • Dan Villanueva of Astropop 3 from the Virginia Tidewater area (Virginia Beach, thereabouts) (Velvet Lounge, DC / May 03)
  • Tom Prasada-Rao (center), with sister (right) and Billy Kemp (left) (Lurman Woodland Theatre; Catonsville, Md / June 02)
  • Vienna Teng (Tower Records, SF (Stonestown) / May 03)
  • Lance Hahn (1967-2007), embodiment of J-Church band (Talking Head, Baltimore / August 03)
  • Miss Mia "Meow Meow" Park (Hellllo Kitty!) of Panda Panda from Chicago (Asians in Rock tour / Velvet Lounge, DC / Aug 03)

Thanks to Walter Lee for scanning help.


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