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LOG - 39

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9 May 2010 - We don't care about music anyway (France/Japan, 2010), Maryland Film Festival, Univ. of Baltimore student center... a film about Japanese improv and noise musicians (Otomo, Yoshihide; Sakamoto, Hiromichi, Yamakawa, Fuyuki; L?K?O; Takehisa, Ken; Shimazaki, Tomoko)

15 May 2010 - Megalopolis audio festival, Baltimore

16 May - Megalopolis

Arrington de Dionyso's band, Malaikat Dan Singa @ Windup Space, Baltimore, MD

4 June - Helen Sung quartet, Baltimore... a consummate jazz pianist excelling in straight ahead stuff. The joint was jumpin', as they say, due to the masterful playing of Greg Tardy (sax), Josh Ginsburg (bass), Justin Faulkner (drums) and her. Only problem was the mix or balance - her piano was overshadowed by the other instruments. It needed to be amplified, to better project her great technique and riffs and chords.
(Although, I should add that when she started out, in the first set, with a solo, she sounded somewhat flacid. There was no contour to her playing. Perhaps I was expecting something along classical lines, but when the other instruments kicked in, things picked up.)

pic1 - Helen Sung on the left, with the back of Josh Ginsburg
pic2 - Helen, quite animated and smaller in person, than pictures on her website led me to believe... Justin Faulkner standing in the back to the right.
pic3 - Larry Willis (jazz pianist) and Greg Tardy.

20 June - Steve Hung @ Ukazoo bks., Towson, MD

Steve Hung is a self-taught fingerstyle guitarist, originally from Texas (Houston and Austin). He's currently based in Alexandria, Virginia.
He says he's setting aside Americana-based instrumentals, that you see him doing here, and heading into punk. He recently put out a CD of songs in a punkish vein about DC with frequent references to DC Chinatown.

24 June - Spreckels pipe organ pavilion, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA
Free image hosting at Free image hosting at Free image hosting at Free image hosting at One of the world's largest outdoor pipe organs was donated by the Spreckels brothers to the city of San Diego just before the opening of the Panama-California Exposition in 1914.
The 6:30pm concert, tonight, was a by Neil Diamond tribute band, Diamond is Forever.

3 July - Folklife Festival @ The Mall, Wash., DC

Yoko K

Lilly B

(more pics to come)

4 July - Folklife Festival, The Mall, Wash., DC
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Mexican artisans carving guitars

what's a parade without music? (This is Mexican. Unfortunately, I don't know what this might celebrate.)

31 July - TN Party (fundraiser for Tuesday Night Cafe) @ JACCC Plaza, LA...

1) Dawen, 2) Dawen + Sue Jin (later they would perform with Jenny San Angel - not shown), 3-5) Harlemm Lee, 6-7) Durwood & David Tran

8-9) Rocky Rivera (& DJ Roza - not shown), 10-12) Bambu & DJ Phatrick

11 August 2010 - Heard on the radio, this morning, that today is the birthday of playwrite, David Henry Wong. He's 53. (This was on National Public Radio's "Morning Edition" news program. They usually announce the birthdays of notable folks.)
This reminds me that when I interviewed him, many years ago, he showed me a new CD by an Asian musician and asked me if I knew anything about it. At the time, there were few Asian faces to be found on a major label release in the US.
I didn't know what to tell him; I couldn't remember if I'd heard anything about it. The CD was by Gerry Woo. (who is the earlier incarnation of Harlemm Lee [see pictures above]).

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