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LOG - 32

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8 September 08 - Yoko Ono's music as torture?... Over the weekend, I was watching C-SPAN 2 / Book tv. I saw an interview (done recently) of Jane Mayer about her book, The Dark Side: The Inside Story of How the War on Terror Turned Into a War on American Ideals. She mentioned that Yoko Ono's music was used in Guantanamo.
If true, that's seems pretty ironic, given her performance art and art projects promoting peace. You, also gotta wonder what other music might've been used.

12 September - KTEP 88.5 FM El Paso, Jayden's Playground (2/3 of the group) at The Percolator (downtown El Paso), hanging out with artists and immigration aid workers at The Tap...
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14 Sept - White Sands Missile Range museum [pics to follow]

   - Diez y Seis de Septiembre fiesta (Mexican independence day - Sept. 16, 1810), Mesilla (plaza), New Mexico

19 September - DC APA Film Festival kickoff party, Temple Lounge, Arlington, VA... screening music videos, including MK Ultra by local band, exit clov... meeting members of Charlottesville-based band, Tim Be Told... film festival director, Christian Oh, addresses crowd and attempts to croon gayo ballads (j/k)

25 Sept - BakuBeni, quaff, cartoon drawing [Note: activity, not a band], TsuShiMaMiRe, and Peelander-Z at The Ottobar, Baltimore
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Nov 8 - Pinko Communoids at the Red Rm., Baltimore... They were kinda subdued compared to other improv groups I've seen. More often than not, performances at the Red Room, will be loud and intense. (Did not have to break out the ear plugs, in this case.)
The PCs are from Charlottesville, Virginia. They've formed a music collective with like-minded folks from Richmond, Va.

Nov 10 - Morning Edition, Nat'l. Public Radio has a piece on a Chinese punkster turned Mongolian folkster.

Nov 11 - Louisa Lim has a piece on Morning Edtion about a collaboration between kunqu (Chinese proto-opera) artist, Jeffrey Zhang, and Belgian free-jazz pianist, Jean-Francois Maljean.

4 December - Boris @ The Ottobar, Baltimore, Md.

6 December - Audrey Chen / Andy Hayleck / Paul Neidhardt followed by Alan Licht & Aki Onda, Red Rm., Baltimore, Md.

9 December - Tori Ensemble (Yoon Jeong Heo -artistic director/geomungo/ajeng; Erik Friedlander -cello; Kwon Soon Kang -vocals; Ned Rothenberg -reeds/shakuhachi; Satoshi Takeishi -percussion; Young Chi Min -janggo/flute) at Meyer auditorium, Freer Gallery, Wash.,D.C.
At first I thought the program notes were so much BS, but the music was well-conceived and the performers were excellent.


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