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LOG - 33

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1 January 2009 - Korean Friendship Bell, Angels Gate Park, San Pedro, Calif.

6 January - scenes at Nashville airport (BNA), live music and music-themed eateries (Tootsie's and Gibson Cafe)

10 January - it seems the improv percussionist Toshi Makihara (of Philadelphia) has embarked on an improv-a-day performance, shown on YouTube. It's fun to watch him, because he makes these funny faces while he performs.

Ami Dang @ Hexagon, Baltimore, MD -- pictures show equipment set-up, sitar playing, vocalizing with hand gesture, and equipment breakdown...

Following her was Unicornicopia (a.k.a. Natalie Weiss), a sort-of cabaret act from Orlando.
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24 January - Gregory Reynolds, Gust Burns, Bonnie Jones, Andy Hayleck, Paul Neidhardt @ Red Room, Baltimore.

order of playing: Hayleck & Neidhardt, Jones/Reynolds/Burns, and everybody
Didn't realize it, at the time, but visitors Reynolds (NYC) and Burns (Seattle) did not seem to play what they're best known for. In the case of the former, it would be sax. For the latter, it would be piano and "inside piano". The locals (Jones, Hayleck, and Neidhardt) were more true to form.
Despite Reynolds not playing sax, he seemed to be the decisive factor in the performances he was involved in. He played a variety of instruments, which added different timbres. He also shaped the performances with his dynamics.

28 January - "More Than Words", part of Mobtown Modern series at the Contemporary Museum, Baltimore... contemporary music enhanced by video mixes projected behind the performers...

talked with vocalist Ken Ueno after the show. He'd flown in from Berkeley (where he's a new composition professor) just for this gig.

31 January - Nat'l. Public Radio ran a piece on famous filmi composer, A.R. Rahman. He wrote the music for the movie, Slumdog Millionaire, and will perform at the upcoming Oscars.

7 February - local duos, Red Rm., Baltimore, MD... Peter Blasser & Carson Garhardt (electronics); Samuel Burt & John Dierker (bass clarinets); Tom Boram & Ami Dang (amplified sitars and electronics); John Berndt & Rose Burt (saxes)... I thought that maybe the Boram/Dang duo would be like "duelling sitars", but it turned out to more like converging sound fields

17 February - this morning, while switching stations on the radio, I heard a familiar song. It turned out to be "District Menagerie" by exit clov. (The station playing it was WTMD 89.7 FM, Towson, MD.)

24 February - Over the weekend, I heard a familiar song used in a tv commercial: IQU's "dirty boy". An instrumental portion was used in an ad for MasterCard, a sponsor for a high def. video music performance series called, Soundstage (produced by WTTW, Chicago PBS station).

The Washington Post reports on the White House dinner and dance on Sunday. It was an event for the Nat'l. Governors Ass'n., and featured Earth, Wind, and Fire. (Apparently, there was a conga line.)

26 February - Caught the end of the Stevie Wonder at the White House broadcast on my local PBS station. (It actually happened yesterday evening.)
What was so noticeable was how the black folk were swaying to the music while the white folk were not. (Well, the latter were mostly of a certain age, so maybe that would account for their stillness.)


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