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API radio

"Aziatik Rhythms"

KPFK 90.7 FM
December 2002
North Hollywood, Calif.
(1am - 3am)

air controlOperations in Air Control studio

DJ Asceticfish DJ Asceticfish cuing up cuts.

from a/c to interview studio Looking thru the window from Air Control into the interview studio. (The folks in the latter have created a mood by restricting their lighting to a single source at the center of their table.)

air control Another view of operations in air control.

mo' wax And the hits keep on comin'!!

CD - search Siu Hin trying to reach the track buried in a CD containing an interview of Merrilynne Quon, as others look on.

air controlAnother view of all the bodies in air control, looking thru the window from the interview studio.

post-showAfter the show, the staff meet for an end of the year wrap-up and plan for next week's broadcast.

post-showFatigue quickly sets in, since it's past 3am.

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