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Preview Pics - #8

Here're some of the latest pictures. Guess who they are!

(Find answers below pics.)

Go to:

from top to bottom (temporary captions):
  • Albert Cabreara of Pinoywear (from NY) at FIND2003, UMBC, March 2003 (FIND = Filipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue)
  • close-up of turntablist t-shirts
  • The Ides (ex-Groove Therapy/Deep Blue) + Reena (Sept. 04, Baltimore)
  • Pacific Crossing (Yosuke Yamashita -piano; Cecil McBee -bass; Pheeroan Aklaff -drums; Meisho Tosha -flute; Kiyohiko Semba -drums), Meyer auditorium, Freer Gallery (Oct. 04, Wash.,D.C.)
  • tour bus, (Sept. 04, Estes Park, Colorado)
  • close-up of nameplate

Thanks to Walter Lee for scanning help.


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