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LOG - 25

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01 November 05 - Miminokoto, Talking Head, Baltimore

04 Nov - The Spunks, Sidebar, Baltimore... What a wild show! The next time The Spunks come to your town, don't hesitate to catch 'em...
It doesn't hurt if you've had a few brewski's before they take the stage. That was the case with a coupla loopy guys (who might've been drunken sailors in civvies? -- Nah, I think they might've been in the merchant marine, or some such, if I overheard correctly...).
The buzzed out audience members, who coincidentally sported military-style buzz cuts, had been bouncing around to the previous band, Geisha Lightning. When The Spunks launched into their set, their no-holds-barred style ignited the loopy ones and put them into a ferocious frenzy. On more than one occasion, one of 'em would go up to the mike and yell something crazy. It seemed like they were part of the show...
Meanwhile, I recognized the drummer for Geisha Lightning. Turned out to be Pat Kim, who also leads a band called Beatnik Termite. I saw him a year ago, or so, when he played on a bill with touring Chicagoan Jenny Choi (plus her husband drummer, Phil Stone) and Mike Park (Asian Man Records "mogul").
Pat co-runs a label called Insubordination Records.

05 Nov - Jeff Arnal & Mike Evans and Agents at Midnight (Ed Chang and Ed Howard), Red Room, Baltimore... Two completely different acts...

06 Nov - Orchid Ensemble (Lan Tung -er hu; Mei Han -zheng; and Jonathan Bernhard -marimba,percussion), Freer Gallery, DC... At the beginning of the concert, Mei Han was overcome with emotion because, in the 30 years of her performing, she said she'd never performed in front of her mother in a formal setting as the Freer. ...

Mana Nishiura 08 Nov - only found out, today, that the Japanese psychedelic-funk band, DMBQ were victims of a traffic accident last Friday. It happened near the Delaware Mem'l. bridge., and the drummer, Mana Nishiura, was killed.
I saw DMBQ, last spring, and they were a trip. She was truly talented, and I don't know how the band will survive the loss.

03 Dec - "Blur of the Otherworldly" exhibition, CAVC, UMBC... includes a work by Miya Masaoka consisting of a houseplant and sensors (with amplification and speakers).

04 Dec - Charlie Chin, C-SPAN radio, remarks on Chinese immigration and Chinaowns at the City Club of Portland, Oregon (actually recorded 18 Nov.)


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