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Preview Pics - #4

More pictures. Guess who they are!

(Find answers below pics.)

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from top to bottom:
  • Wendy Lim and Jon Jang (Library of Congress, DC, Nov. 99) - back in the day, they were schoolmates at Oberlin College
  • dressing room scene after the concert by the Beijing Trio (Jon Jang, Max Roach, & Jie-bing Chen)
  • Hiroshima signing autographs after a performance (Taste of DC festival, Oct. 99)
  • Margaret Leng Tan cleaning up the piano after her gig (Kennedy Ctr., Millenium stage, DC; Dec. 99)
  • more clean-up - playing avant garde music can be such a chore!
  • Weimar hip hop kultur! (Weimar, Germany; May 99) - Yo! Keepin' it real for Goethe with graffiti.

Thanks to Walter Lee for scanning help.

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