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Preview Pics - #5

Here're some of the latest pictures. Guess who they are!

(Find answers below pics.)

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from top to bottom:
  • Jon Jang (left, piano) leads an ensemble performing excerpts from his suite, "Up from the Root." Ensemble includes members of Melody from China and Francis Wong (sax). (Swarthmore College, Sept. 02)
  • Left to Right - Francis Wong, Jon Jang, Marcia Nishi Mullan... MNM produced the event (Swarthmore, Pennsylvania / Sept. 02)
  • Conversation at Swarthmore before the concert: left> Shu-ni Tsou (flautist... specializes in the dee-dzih, a flute with a membrane), right> Susan Asai (ethnomusicologist, Northeastern Univ.)
  • Korean bell (San Pedro, Calif./New Year's Eve 00? 01?)
  • Dancin' Annie - Annie Lin, singin' and a-strummin' (Metro Cafe, DC / July 02)

Thanks to Walter Lee for scanning help.


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